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IR remote

IR remote with Raspberry PI

Do you want to controls your TV, DVR and more using RaspberryPi? Story In this chapter I will explain how can we control a TV or almost everything that uses an infrared remote control using Raspberry. This is part of my Home Automation project. LIRC is a software that allows you to decode and send infra-red …

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RFID Register (1)

RFID Register

Clock in and out of locations with Mifare RFID cards for an accurate register of movements on and off site locations. Story I wanted to build a connected device that had the ability to identify and record the movements of people on and off locations. Using an RFID card reader and a Raspberry Pi running …

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RDM6300 RFID with PIC18 Dev Board

RDM6300 RFID with PIC18 Dev Board

After getting a simple LED-blink program working, I moved on to the RFID portion of my project.  It seemed to be the simplest of the three major parts (RFID, SD card, and MP3) because it’s basically just configuring the UART to receive and check the card IDs.  I’m using the RDM6300 UART RFID Module from ITeadStudio, which …

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