Raspberry Petabyte Pi Project features 60 HDD or 1.2 Petabytes of storage

If you are considering building a Raspberry Pi NAS storage solution using any of the mini PC systems available from the Foundation. You may be interested in the new Petabyte Pi Project project and video created by Jeff Geerling who has used a tiny Raspberry Pi to control 60 hard drives creating a storage system that features an incredible 1.2 PB of storage. Geerling removed all the processing power provided in the 45Drives hardware storage solution to replace it with a Raspberry Pi.

Petabyte Pi Project

Check out the project below to learn more about how well the Raspberry Pi mini PC coped with accessing 1.2 PB of storage as well as the other projects that Geerling will be featuring on his YouTube channel at a later date.

If you are interested in building a more affordable NAS Jeff Geerling and others provide instructions on how to use the awesome Raspberry Pi mini PC computers to build affordable home storage solutions in the form of a Raspberry Pi NAS

The RPi Foundation offers a wide variety of different Raspberry Pi mini PCs to suit any number of needs and is recently created a microcontroller that allows you to build affordable low power projects.

Source: Raspberry Petabyte Pi Project features 60 HDD or 1.2 Petabytes of storage

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