NXP’s MCU-based facial recognition solution helps deliver access control capabilities to smart home, smart building, and smart industrial applications

NXP’s SLN-VIZNAS-IOT MCU-based solution for secure facial recognition, with liveness detection for anti-spoofing, leverages the i.MX RT106F crossover MCU. It enables developers to quickly and easily add low-cost, secure facial recognition capabilities to access-control products. This ultra-small form-factor reference design comes with fully integrated software running on FreeRTOS for quick out-of-the-box evaluation and proof-of-concept development. The SLN-VIZNAS-IOT development kit implements this solution and begins trying to recognize faces immediately after power-up. It does facial recognition entirely offline, without the need for cloud connectivity, reducing total cost of ownership and design complexity. New faces can be registered both on the i.MX RT106F and also remotely on mobile and PC platforms, enabling face models to be conveniently created at a distance and downloaded to i.MX RT106F-based access devices over Wi-Fi or BLE connections. This turnkey solution minimizes time-to-market, risk, and development effort, enabling OEMs to easily add secure facial recognition. It also delivers access-control capabilities to smart home, smart building, and smart industrial applications, including smart locks for residential and hospitality use cases. All processing of facial recognition and face model creation is done at the network edge, without the need for cloud connectivity, addressing the privacy concerns that many consumers have.


  • Camera drivers, image capturing, and pre-processing
  • Face detection, tracking, alignment, and recognition with quantified results and confidence measure
  • Liveness detection for anti-spoofing
  • Connectivity (optional)
    • MQTT, lwIP, and TLS
    • Discovery and onboarding
    • All drivers, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth™
  • Emotion recognition
  • Built-in security, bootloader, and application validation
  • RTOS OTW/OTA client with signing scripts, rollback, and image redundancy
  • USB mass storage device updates
  • Factory automation scripts
  • Supported by MCUXpresso SDK, IDE, and config tools


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