STMicroelectronics Launches New Discovery Kit for Body and Gateway Applications


The SPC58EC-DIS discovery board provides an exceptional platform for expediting development and ensuring swift time-to-market entry. With an ideal equilibrium of capabilities, features and costs, it leverages SPC58 Chorus 4C series microcontrollers to target a diverse set of burgeoning automotive applications.

Areas such as vehicle body and gateway control increasingly demand robust safety and security, needs addressed comprehensively by this solution. Powerful yet affordably priced, the discovery board empowers engineering teams to rapidly optimize designs and validation for emerging automotive sectors where protection concerns continue escalating.

By streamlining prototyping and evaluation through a fully-featured development suite, ST accelerates customers along their innovation journeys. The SPC58EC-DIS smooths pathways to market for consequential products at the frontier of assisted and autonomous driving functionality.

The SPC58EC-DIS provides complete access to peripherals like DSPI, LINFlexD and ISO CAN-FD. These new capabilities meet the stringent ASIL-B safety requirements.

Full access to all CPU signals and GPIOs is supported via dedicated connectors. Arduino shield compatibility is also offered through these connectors, allowing UNO-compatible shields to easily expand the discovery board’s functionality.

An integrated programmer/debugger enables microcontroller debugging and programming over USB. Additional features include enabling a UART communication channel via virtual COM port. hassle-free debugging is provided with the on-board PLS debugger-programmer.

PLS universal debug engine software is freely available for download, offering an evaluation license. Additional software licenses can be purchased.

A 1×7 JTAG header connector supports external tool-based microcontroller programming and debugging.

STMicroelectronics’ SPC5-STUDIO IDE provides a comprehensive design, build and deployment framework for embedded applications. It can be freely downloaded along with application examples.

Experiences can be shared by engaging with the ST user community.

PLS universal debug engine software is available for free download at and includes a code size limited full feature evaluation license.

Additional SW licenses are available at

A 1×7 JTAG header connector is available to program and debug the microcontroller by using an external tool.

STMicroelectronics’ SPC5-STUDIO, is an eclipse-based integrated development environment, providing a comprehensive framework to design, build and deploy your own embedded application. SPC5-STUDIO is available for free download and includes multiple free application firmware examples ready for use.

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