Understanding the components

Guide to Creating PCBA for Bluetooth-Controlled Door Lock System

Home automation is growing in popularity because of its ability to provide homeowners with convenience and security. In this project, we will look at how to use an Arduino Nano microcontroller to build a Bluetooth-controlled door lock system and its PCBA manufacturing process. For those who are new to electronics and Arduino programming, this project is ideal. By the […]

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Project One Alcohol Lock

Project One: Alcohol Lock

For my first project, I will make an alcohol lock with a Raspberry Pi. Short: The alcohol gas sensor will detect the percentage of alcohol in your breath and then decides if you’re safe to drive the car or not. If so, then the starter of the car will be enabled. The times and percentages

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Intelligent Door Lock

Intelligent Door Lock

An Alexa enabled door lock with face recognition and remote control. Story Overview Security and accessibility is the main concern in today’s world. We always try to keep our house secure and at the same time we want to make our home devices easy accessible even from the remote location. Think, you have a guest

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