raspberry pi

Charlieplexing with the RaspberryPi

To combine our knowledge of hardware and software by implementing Charlieplexing on the Raspberry Pi as our project’s hardware. Control six LEDs in different sequences using the Raspberry Pi (GPIO) and the internet. Using the Apache and PHP servers installed on the Raspberry Pi for software-to-hardware communication. GPIO stands for General Purpose Input/Output and is …

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Etch-A-Whiteboard: Automated Precision Drawing

In this post we will briefly discuss Etch-A-Whiteboard: Automated Precision Drawing : Our project was designed in the context of aiding advanced, large-scale prototyping and drafting work. By creating a machine that can draw large-scale, real-world vectored images from any photograph, our research sought to enhance the artistic ‘skills’ of the average individual. We were …

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Raspberry Pi Web-Controlled Robot with Video

Simple Raspberry Pi web-controlled robot with video live streaming. Story gatoBot gato is the spanish translation for cat. A web controlled Raspberry Pi Zero W Robot with live video streaming. This is something I built in order to bother my cats. About Raspberry Pi Wikipedia: The Raspberry Pi is a series of small single-board computers developed in the United Kingdom …

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