grovepi windows iot led fade

GrovePi Windows IoT: LED Fade

Introduction to GrovePi with Windows IOT: LED Fade Tutorial This project shows how to fade a LED with the raspberry pi. We cover the hardware and software setup in which we connect the Grove Pi to a rotary angle sensor (a fancy name for a potentiometer). The Raspberry Pi reads the analog value and dims …

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Introduction If you’ve checked out my Rover project – an autonomous obstacle avoidance robot – you’ll know that I am a robot junkie. But my interest isn’t limited to wheeled vehicles. I have had a biped on the workbench for over a year but inevitably, whenever I turn my attention back to it, a brighter, …

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radio astronomy with rtl sdr raspberrypi and amazon aws iot

Radio-astronomy with RTL-SDR, RaspberryPI and Amazon AWS IoT

UPDATE 2 Many thanks to Dave Typinski for the additions/corrections/phase plane probability map   I added the various edits to paragraphs “Which kind of signals could I receive ?”, “A bit of scientific background”, “About CML-Io Phase Plane Probabilities”. UPDATE 1 I updated the software used in this project to use a different FFT library and different …

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