This Raspberry Pi has been running for 6 years without even restarting

Raspberry Pi It is a device with which we can perform multiple tasks, such as a multimedia center, a server or even play retro games, however, How long do these devices last?being smaller, cheaper and simpler, do they have a shorter useful life, or, on the contrary, longer than a PC?

Well, today we are going to see one of these teams that is more than 10 years old and that It hasn’t turned off for more than 6 years.. It is quite curious, especially because it has been working all this time, and in an important security task.

An eternal Raspberry Pi?

We bring today’s case thanks to a Reddit user, called KerazyPete, who is known for being a developer, who has shown us one of his equipment, in this case a Raspberry Pi that has been working for 10 years, although, for necessary reasons was restarted, and currently, it has continued for 2,331 days, which would be equivalent to 6.4 years to be exact.

All this time it has been in operation, without producing errors and continuously, but do you want to know why? Well, luckily he would have also told us about it, and this Raspberry Pi would have functioned as the person responsible for monitoring the temperature sensors that this user would have in his home. A “simple” task a priori, but one that requires constant operation and checking 24/7.

To do this, I would use an open source application called EmonCMS with which I would manage the data and represent it through a visual interface.

The Raspberry Pi model used would be 1 B revision 0002the first model with 256 MB of RAM, composed, in the case of this user, of a pendrive that would act as storage, and an SD card where the system would be.

According to the screenshots, this equipment would have been connected for the first time on November 30, 2013, so I would have been 10 years oldof which, the last 6 would have been done uninterruptedly, and the others would have only been restarted due to unexpected power outages, returning to work immediately, so we could say that it has been non-stop for 10 years.

That is great news, especially since we are talking about the first models of this device, which makes it more interesting to know the useful life of a modern one, which will supposedly have better materials and components for it.

For now we cannot say how long it lasts, because it continues to work like the first day, according to this user. It is true that its function is not as powerful as other types of servers, where it would possibly have required more power and wear, but it is still surprising to see how something so small, simple and cheap works so well.

And not only the equipment itself, but the SD memory and the pendrive would also take all this time without stopping, so I would like to know the model of both, since they also have their merit.

And you, what do you think about this? Do you think the Raspberry Pi had such a long useful life or did you think they would die sooner?

Source: This Raspberry Pi has been running for 6 years without even restarting

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