Vehicles powered by alternative energy sources

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It is worth noting that so many cars pollute the atmosphere, so many car manufacturing companies are moving to the development of cars with alternative fuels.

Let's look at what options are available now for refueling a car, and what will be available in the future, in addition to gasoline and diesel fuel.

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)

In continental Europe and other parts of the world, LPG, or autogas as it is often called, remains the third most popular fuel after gasoline and diesel. It produces less harmful exhaust gasses and is half the price of gasoline. However, you need to take into account its greater consumption – exactly twice as compared to conventional liquid gasoline.

Natural gas (NGV)

Compared to an electric vehicle, the Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) is a more environmentally beneficial means of transportation. NGVs use natural gas to power them, as the name suggests.

Compared to gasoline, natural gas reduces CO2 emissions by 25% and fine particle emissions that are damaging to the environment by 95%. Natural gas-powered vehicles produce extremely few tiny particles and no black smoke.

It's also crucial to keep in mind that natural gas burns rather slowly, which significantly lessens the vibrations and consequently the noise the engine produces. Compared to driving on regular fuel, this is more comfortable.

Natural gas is also considerably more cost-effective. It is significantly less expensive than traditional fuels like gasoline or diesel: one kilogram of CNG costs between 10% and 30% less than a liter of diesel.

Air Compressor Engine

Pneumatic engine – an emission-free piston engine that uses compressed air as its power source.

Operational efficiency is achieved by using the heat in the environment during normal operation for the cold expanded air system from the storage system. This non-adiabatic expansion can improve the efficiency of the machine. The only exhaust is cold air (-15°C) which can also be used for car conditioning. The air source is a pressurized carbon fiber tank.

The engine's unique crank design increases the time during which the boost air is heated by external sources, and a two-stage process improves heat transfer rates


Even just 10 years ago, cars with electric motors were, if not something out of science fiction, then a curiosity for sure. They were created in a piece, shown at various auto shows and scientific exhibitions. Today, “electric” cars are mass-produced. Moreover, there are completely “electric” ones like Tesla, and there are hybrids that can drive both on gasoline and on electricity – in general, almost every more or less major automaker has them in the lineup.

Machines with gas turbines

A gas turbine is a type of engine in which hot gas, formed during the combustion of fuel, spins the turbine blades with its movement, and then is ejected through a nozzle. This engine can produce very high power with small dimensions, therefore, soon after its appearance, it firmly established itself on airplanes and helicopters. However, there were also enthusiasts for the use of gas turbines in land transport. First of all, it was their power that attracted them.

The ongoing research in the field of alternative fuels is forcing experts to make increasingly bold and confident predictions about the diminishing role of oil in the automotive industry. However, we see that so far the only alternative to hydrocarbons is gas and alcohol, as well as electricity generated by nuclear power plants.

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