Raspberry Pi Game

Part 01 – Before we start In this series I intend to guide you through writing your first ever computer program. We will write our own game on the Raspberry Pi, which is a cheap-as-chips computer designed for learning about computers. Get a Raspberry Pi To follow along, here’s what you will need: A Raspberry Pi (about £25) – I got it from RS An SD card (about £10) – be careful – not all of them work. I use: ...

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Raspberry Pi Video Tutorial by Lynda

Up and Running with Raspberry Pi The Raspberry Pi is a small, cheap, single-board computer that opens a new door to computer exploration. Simple to use and program, it can be embedded in innovative projects and has been used to build Internet-connected dog treat dispensers, low-res plotters, cell phone–operated coffeemakers, and a solar-powered computer. Preview: This course shows how to obtain, configure, ...

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