10W Stereo Audio Amplifier

This project is a 10W Stereo Audio Amplifier based on TDA1521 IC.


The project built around Philips TDA1521 IC, The project provides high quality audio 2X10W Audio output. The device is especially designed for mains fed applications, (e.g. Stereo TV Sound and Stereo Radio). The circuit designed for asymmetrical power supply systems.

10W Stereo Audio Amplifier


It has few external components
Input muted during power on and off
Low offset voltage between output and ground
Excellent gain balance between channels
Short circuit proof IC
Thermally protected
Supply 18V DC @ 3.5A
Output Power 2X10W
Voltage Gain 30dB
Frequency response 20Hz-20Khz.
Input impedance 20K Ohm
Output load 8 Ohm.
Recommended power supply 18V @ 3Amps.

For more detail:  10W Stereo Audio Amplifier

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