8 Steps to Take Before Going for an Apple recycle

Finally, it’s time to bid adieu to your old MacBook or an iPhone. We know that you had some great times together. But it’s time to go for a greater version of Mac or an iPhone – for the long-lasting battery, better display, lighter, and the most portable versions.

We know breakups are tough, but it is a bright idea to make it as steady as possible, right? There is a lot of valuable and personal information stored in your phone or Mac – whether you put it to sell, give away to friends or family or opt for recycling – you will come across steps that need to be taken to make sure that your stored data remains secure.

You need to follow some basic steps to remove that Mac or iPhone from Apple’s account. In case you are opting for anApple recycle, we’ll like to suggest these basic 8 steps. Before getting rid of your old Apple products these steps will act as red flags if not followed properly.

So, find this guide handy or get it printed to abide by each of them before you decide to actually sell or recycle.

#1. Backup your data

Backup all your files on Mac or iPhone. This will allow you to copy the backup to your new Apple device and start using it soon. You won’t need to reinstall the apps as you will have all the settings you have been using in your old gadget.

However, you might want to go for a clean installation. There is a good reason for that. But no matter what, a close is the most reliable way to keep all your data protected in the apple device.

#2. Sign out of the iCloud

As soon as you are done with your backups, sign out of the iCloud account. This is you do it:

  • Go to System Preferences >> iCloud
  • Click on Sign Out

Signing out of the iCloud will help to remove the gadget from the Apple servers. However, you still remained logged in to your iTunes store. Learn here the right steps to sign out of the iCloud and make sure you are not bogged down later.

#3. Revoke your device from iTunes Store

Yes, revoke your gadget from the iTunes store. And to do it – Go to the Music App or iTunes, then simply select Account >> Authorizations >> Deauthorize.

Apple allows you to authorize only five devices at the same time as iTunes. So, if you are getting a new one it is better to get rid of the old one which will be no longer connected to your account.

#4. Time to Sign Out of your iMessage account

Go to the Messages >> Select Preferences >> Accounts. Click on the iMessage account, then go and hit on the Sign Out option.

#5. Bluetooth devices should be unpaired

If you are opting for recycling your apple product or giving it to someone make sure you are prepared for the future. In case you are using the wireless keyboard, Airpods, or mouse paired

to the old gadget – simply unpair them. Go to System Preferences >> Bluetooth and Click on it to unpair.

#6. Clean up your drive

As soon as you have signed out of your iMessage, iTunes, and iCloud accounts, also be aware that you have a good backup – it is time to clean up the drive of your apple device. You cannot just delete the files one by one.

Follow these steps mentioned in this articlehttps://www.wikihow.com/Remove-a-Macbook-Pro-Hard-Drive to securely erase the hard drive of your device.

#7. Spring clean your device

If you are selling your gadget or at the most recycling it, then a spring clean of the device is required. Be careful about the cleaning of your Mac’s display, don’t corrupt it rather give it a good clean and make it look as fresh as new.

#8. Recycle your device

If you find your Apple product to be no longer operative then it is better to recycle the same. You can join the recycling program run by the various Apple partners or take the old gadget to your nearest Apple Store to get it recycled.

Wrapping Up

If you follow the steps mentioned above, it will let you welcome the new device faster. All you need is to set it up and get started with the new Macbook or iPhone. Once you are free from the old data and transfer it to your new one, you are both safe and secure to use the new one.

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