AI-Controlled Raspberry Pi Pico Lamp for Perfect Ambiance

Playing around with RGB color lamps can be fun, but choosing the right color can be a time-consuming process. Imagine if you could automate this task using the Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller. Well, maker and developer Scarlet Lee has done just that with an AI-controlled Raspberry Pi Pico lamp that uses Chat GPT to help pick the ideal color for creating the perfect ambiance.

This project takes into account various factors to determine the color of the lamp. Lee considers temperature, average humidity levels, and the amount of ambient light present. These details are then sent to ChatGPT, which suggests an appropriate light color. Additionally, a message with good fortunes is displayed on the lamp’s panel.

To simplify the setup process, Lee uses a modular breakout board called Pico Bricks. This board allows the Raspberry Pi Pico to plug into the center, with various pre-wired modules around the edges. These modules include components like temperature sensors and buzzers, making it a great learning platform for students.

Although the Raspberry Pi Pico is the main platform for this project, an internet connection is required. Lee recommends using a WIZnet Ethernet HAT or the WIZnet W5100S-EVB-Pico board. Alternatively, a Raspberry Pi Pico W can be used for a more straightforward setup. As for the Pico Bricks modules, you’ll need an RGB LED, an OLED display, a temperature/humidity sensor, an LDR (Light Dependent Resistor), and a button for controlling the lamp.

Lee generously provides all the necessary details and code required for this project. OpenAI integration is needed to use ChatGPT for color selection. Additionally, there are instructions for setting up each module with Pico Bricks. The full build guide and source code can be found on the official project page shared on Hackster.

If you want to enhance your RGB LED experience and create the perfect ambiance, this Raspberry Pi project is worth exploring. Head over to Hackster to learn how to recreate this clever ChatGPT RGB lamp for yourself.

Source: AI-Controlled Raspberry Pi Pico Lamp for Perfect Ambiance

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