AM shortwave transmitter

IMPORTANT: The published circuit diagrams of Station QRP are for educational purposes only. These are offered for the furtherance of the readers’ knowledge regarding Radio Frequency design and principles. At all
times during operation an assembled unit must be connected to a dummy load.
AM shortwave transmitter
In most countries law pr
ohibits the unlicensed operation of transmitters w hen connected to an antenna or even to have such equipment
present in a fully or partially installed state. All responsibilities for the ultimate use of the diagrams are bornesolely by the
builder and/or operator
8 Watt QRPAM Shortwave Transmitter Are you interested in building this 8 WattAM shortwave transmitter?
Most parts used in this transmitterare still available (e.g. Surplus Sales of Nebraska
r can be salvaged from old radio communicationsets. If you wish to purchasea ready-builtonec ontact me for details. QRPAM Shortwave Transmitter Technical Data Transmitter: Tube(UK=Valve)
-Oscillator 6BX6 (UK = EF80) -Power Amplifier 6CJ6 or 6DR6 (UK=EL81) HT Power Supply:300 Voltsat300 mA
For more detail: AM shortwave transmitter
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