Banana Pi BPI-AI-Voice Module For Speech Recognition

Banana Pi BPI-AI-Voice

Electronics enthusiasts, hobbyists and developers may be interested in a new speech recognition module which has been created in the form of the Banana Pi BPI-AI-Voice (Microsemi).

Watch the video below for a demonstration of what can be accomplished using the Banana Pi BPI-AI-Voice (Microsemi), which features specifications such as a microphone solution for both 180 and 360 degree audio pick-up and High-Quality Stereo Acoustic Echo Cancellation for Barge-In and Full Duplex Audio say its developers.



Designed to recognize the “Alexa” wake word and deliver audio-enhanced speech requests for cloud processing in adverse audio environments, this 2-microphone dev kit enables ODMs and OEMs to build Alexa-enabled products with high-quality voice recognition interfaces. Prototype using the AVS sample app on a Raspberry Pi. Features include:

 Banana Pi BPI-AI-Voice(Microsemi) module for speech recognition
– BPI-AI-Voice (Microsemi) development kit
– Tested and approved by Amazon for 
- microphone solution for both 180 & 360 degree audio pick-up
– Amazon ecosystem 
- Reference code implements complete Echo functionality 
- Provides developer access to Alexa Skills
– Provides a fast and easy way method of evaluating Microsemi’s Automatic Speech Recognition Assist audio enhancement solution with Amazon’s AVS
– Fast Prototyping
– Application development platform
– HW prototyping


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