Controlling DC motors with Arduino and L293

Easy way to control DC motors.All you need is knowledge in electronics and programming

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All materials you need can be found on ebay or amazon.But if you any old electronics devices such as printers or something else you can get materials from there.

For this project you will need:

-motor driver L293D

-Arduino Mega 2560 or Uno


-9V battery

-DC motor

-9V battery case

-some wires

-Green and red LED diodes

-two push buttons

-two 10k ohm resistors

Motor driver L293D

You can use this chip for controlling one or two different motors.It belongs in TTL family, that means it runs on 5V+.

It has 16 pins

Pin 1 no connect

Pin 2 is input

Pin 3 is output for motor

Pin 4 and 5 are connected to GND of battery

Pin 6 is second output for motor

Pin 7 is second input

Pin 8 is V+ from battery (9V)

On the other side is the same except :

Pin 16 is Vcc+

Pin 9 no connect

If you will have any problems with wiring you can help youself with the pictures.On top there is circuit for controlling 1 motor and down is circuit for controlling 2 motors.I made exemple with only one motor.

Digital input 2 is connected to ON button (button with blue cap)

Digital input 3 is connected to OFF button (button with red cap)

With this two buttons you can change direction of spinning

You need to connect 10k ohm resistor between GND from Arduino to push button pin.

Green LED diode is connected to digital output 5

Red LED diode is connected to digital output 4

Wiring L293D

Pin 1 no connect so you let it empty.

Next is Pin 2 which is connect to digital output on Arduino (you can choose any digital output from 2 to 53)

Pin 3 is connected directly to motor

Pin 4 and 5 are connected to battery GND

Pin 6 is connected directly to motor

Pin 7 is connecte to digital output on Arduino

Pin 8 is V+ from battery.I recommend you to use 9V battery so the motor will run smoothly

If you have need chance you can make circuit.

For more detail: Controlling DC motors with Arduino and L293

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