Day & Night Home Security Solution

This project is started to catch the person who roams near my house. I don't know my house is perfectly safer than other house. We need to protect by ourselves to keep family.


Basically CCTV is able to capture the image when some one comes and goes like black box in the car. But there are required to work during the day. How to detect the people during the night? Are you going to turn on the light? I don't think the way is good because a stranger will run away if the light is on during the night. In addition to that, If you buy the solution which includes all functionalities in the market, it should be pretty expensive. Therefore I made the solution with RaspberryPI2, Webcam, PIR sensor and Light sensor.

Here is description what it has the functionalities.

Motion Detection

PIR Sensor which can be detected when someone is walking or running in front of the sensor. It works based on Infrared sensor inside of PIR. Once I have tested it with 16 X 2 character LCD.


Light Sensor(GY-30)

The sensor is popular to use in IoT area. It works using I2C communication between RaspberryPI and the sensor. If some one is detected, the solution will check the light status in order to turn on IR LED along to web cam. I have tested the mechanism using Light sensor and 3-color LED. According to Light value, the LED will be changed with different color(RED, GREEN, BLUE)


Facial recognition with Web camera

MS provides API's to people's face. Oxford project is ready to use for cognition. I also signed up the site and took the security key to call the API's.

The UI provides supervisor page to register user based on photo ID and there is the button on the bottom of the UI and able to test how much the photo is similar to users' face.

IR LED to take a photo at the night

The solution is going to set up outside or in front of my house to keep checking. Even though the status of the brightness is too dark, it can be detected due to IR LEDs.

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