DIY Raspberry Pi bartop arcade cabinet project

Maker and retro gaming enthusiast Tony Vanpoucke has created a great Raspberry Pi bartop arcade cabinet, and has kindly published instructions to the Instructables website enabling you to build your very own bartop arcade.

“To make this tutorial, you will first need to find out where you can make the 6 laser cuts required to make your terminal. To do this, remember to contact the fablab closest to you! The other tools required for manufacturing are listed on the Instructables project by following the link below. You will also find a complete list of material on the elements necessary for your project. The prices of the various components have been voluntarily rounded up. So see the advertised price as a maximum.”

Finally, to support your production, we will be accompanied throughout the tutorial by the photographs of the children of the Maison de Quartier la Bellangerais (Rennes – France), who successfully worked on the manufacture of this object in May / June 2019, accompanied by their host Jérémie Leroy.”

“The joystick layout of the original plans are based on the most common joysticks available on the internet (as in the diagram: 4 holes arranged in a rectangle of approximately 80x40mm), you will probably not need to modify your plans. However, if these differ too much, you will have to modify the plans, to do this using vector software of your choice. You can ask your fablab or on the internet for advice. Be careful then to modify the two layers of the button panel to avoid unpleasant surprises during assembly.”

Source: DIY Raspberry Pi bartop arcade cabinet project

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