Dual Raspberry Pi RP2040s Power Split Ergonomic Keyboard

We’re always excited to find a Raspberry Pi used in a commercial product. The chip and its documentation make it super easy to drop into a retail product.  The Raspberry Pi Pico is a popular choice for teachers and maker enthusiasts alike, it also has quite a bit of potential on the business side of things. Today we’re sharing a really neat split keyboard PCB that uses an RP2040 processor in each half. It’s sold by Fingerpunch and is known as the Ximi with a retail price of $79.

This PCB serves as a base for those who want to build their own split keyboard. It can use MX or Choc V1 switches, supports LEDs on a per-key basis and has room for additional accessories, as well. Users can install rotary encoders, thumb switches and even a 34mm trackball. The Ximi also has a pre-soldered audio buzzer.

This purchase includes two separate PCBs—one for the left side and one for the right. Each board has an RP2040 and 16MB of storage. Breakout pins are accessible for three extra GPIO pins as well as SPI, I2C, LED support and USB-C. This makes it easy to customize your keyboard with the features you want whether it be LED effects or anything else you can imagine.

It’s worth noting that this product listing is only for the PCBs. It doesn’t include any extra accessories like switches or keycaps but rather is a starting point for building your own keyboard. It has a 3D printable case that you can find files for over at the official Ximi GitHub page.

Once you have the hardware you need, you can follow along with the build guide for the Ximi over at GitHub. This also breaks down your possibilities for customization so it’s worth taking a look at before you purchase to make sure it has the flexibility you want out of a keyboard.

If you’re looking for a cool Raspberry Pi project that you can use on a regular basis, this is a fun one for sure. You don’t have to be an ergonomic keyboard enthusiast to appreciate the design that went into the Ximi. Check out the product page over at Fingerpunch for more details and purchase options.

Source: Dual Raspberry Pi RP2040s Power Split Ergonomic Keyboard

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