It’s hard-won to run an industrial company. What’s the reason? One is the bosses who have earned money quickly expand their business footprint not only focus on PCB, not delve into how to provide higher-quality PCB and more extreme customer service; also many bosses think more about engaging in financing and listing. How about JLCPCB?Yes, JLCPCB has planted into the PCB with all its heart, just keeping one aim: build the PCB best.

JLCPCB was founded in 2006, used to be the leading PCB company, now it is PCB industry big brother, who is highly appreciated and trusted by hardware fields. When JLCPCB makes a mistake, people will say all they know without reserve. If the proposes will benefit the PCB users, JLCPCB takes act upon it without reserve. All we believe 15 years could build such solid and close relationship between customer and merchants. All suggestions and feedback from customers about production efficiency, PCB quality, customer service and logistics situation will be valued by JLCPCB team.

CEO Yuan was also a young electronic engineer before, and spent a lot of time in designing, developing, and testing components, devices and systems in a small PCB factory. Now he has grown up to be JLCPCB leader and is keen on optimizing and developing automatic production lines, intelligent factory management and brand new SMT assembly methods. He knows how sad it is for an electronic engineer to lack a good and inexpensive PCB board. His regret will not become the regret of a new generation of electronic engineers, so he insists on the PCB industry for more than 20 years, insists on low price but high quality PCBs for customers, and strives for excellence in craftsmanship and customer service. $2 for 5 PCBs, and $7 Start SMT assembly. Mr. Yuan elucidated, “The profit of the PCB industry is very transparent. Low price, superior quality, fast delivery. The essence is contradictory.” He added, “the only way to solve this contradiction: large production with the fully automated factory.” Yes, PCBs with high quality, low-cost and quick logistics must reach a certain scale of production to earn profits, 100% true. JLCPCB fully automated factory is indispensable. So far, it has 5 fully automated factories for 600,000 ㎡ per month, 9 SMT production lines 12-hour fast assembly 35,000,000+ parts monthly.


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