Inspiring Raspberry Pi Pico W Projects for Creative Minds

The Raspberry Pi series has expanded with the introduction of the Raspberry Pi Pico W, a $6 wireless microcontroller. Having thoroughly explored its capabilities, we’ve compiled a comprehensive Raspberry Pi Pico W review for those intrigued by this new addition. To put it succinctly, we’re immensely impressed with this recent development, and it appears that our enthusiasm is widely shared!

Several enthusiasts have had the opportunity to explore these new boards, showcasing various Pico W projects that highlight its potential. Today, we’ll delve into a selection of these projects to ignite excitement and potentially spark new ideas through their inspirational innovations.

Richard Hayler, a Programme Manager at the Raspberry Pi Foundation, employs the Pico W to drive a network scanner. The incorporation of an LED strip serves the purpose of indicating the proximity and types of nearby Wi-Fi networks. Hayler explains that the presence of green lights signifies secure networks, red lights denote insecure open networks, and the amber LEDs represent hidden SSIDs.

Wireless Garage Door Sensor

Utilizing MicroPython, Jeff Geerling crafted a wireless sensor customized for his garage door. The project’s objective is to seamlessly interface with his home automation system, employing a magnetic switch to toggle the state of a GPIO pin. This pin’s status is subsequently relayed to the home automation setup. Further developments and updates on this ongoing project will be available on his official website.

Pico W Web Server

Nathan from pi3g has constructed a web server powered by Pico W, employing MicroPython. This setup allows users to establish wireless connections to the Pico, enabling them to control the onboard LED. Nathan demonstrated how the Pico W manages the task of serving HTML for a browser session while simultaneously controlling the GPIO backend to toggle the LED on and off.

Arm has employed a Pico W in driving a plant notification system. Utilizing a Pimoroni Grow HAT Mini, this system dispatches mobile notifications containing playful messages and prompts to water the plant upon detecting low moisture levels using a moisture sensor. To witness its functionality, visit the official Arm profile on Twitter.

New Pimoroni Pico W Products

A new Pi release wouldn’t be complete without an array of Pimoroni products accompanying it! Enthusiasts have several exciting new boards to anticipate, including the Galactic Unicorn, featuring a matrix panel compatible with the Pico W, alongside two fresh wireless boards—the Inventor 2040W and the Automation 2040W. For an in-depth view of these latest innovations, visit the official Pimoroni YouTube page.

Don’t forget to explore our compilation of the best Raspberry Pi projects for further inspiration from the thriving maker community. As more Pico W projects circulate online, we’ll ensure to cover them extensively. So, prepare your soldering irons (if you don’t have one yet, now is an ideal moment to acquire one from our list of recommended soldering irons) and secure a Pico W for your own projects!

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