ST Microelectronics is bringing a bridge between a microcontroller capable of sensing/actuation and a 24 V power supply in industrial sensor applications with the L6364Q, a dual-channel transceiver IC, which brings dual communication channels, allowing for a configurable output with extra driving power, along with support for IO-Link, a DC / DC converter and a dual-mode UART.

The L6364Q transceiver IC brings some interesting hardware to the table: from linear and DC-DC regulators to configurable limiting current thresholds and many, many protection measures. As stated, the transceiver supports IO-Link (at COM2, with 38.4 kbaud and COM3, with 230.4 kbaud), as well as standard Single-Input / Output communication. In normal operation, the L6364Q is configured by the microcontroller at startup, through SPI. Then, it operates as a Single Input Output IO-Link device, controlling the input lines configured by the microcontroller. The device can also act as a physical layer between the microcontroller and an IO-Link master, which, when connected to it, the master can communicate with the microcontroller.

Regarding features, the L6364Q transceiver has:

  • Supply voltage range from 5 to 35 V
  • Linear regulators (5 and 3.3 V, at 50 mA current)
  • DC-DC regulator with configurable frequency (ranging from 0.5 MHz to 2 MHz) and voltage (from 5 to 10.5 V), with 50 mA current
  • Low dissipative (5 ohm) output stages for CQ and DIO, configurable in high side, low side or push / pull. Switching time of 100 ns (load of 2 kohm // 2.2 nF)
  • Configurable current limitation threshold for the CQ and DIO lines (from 110 mA to 250 mA) and in join mode (from 220 mA to 500 mA)
  • Full set of protection measures:
    • Embedded reverse polarity diode on the DOUT pin
    • Full zero current reverse polarity between the Vplus, CQ, DIO and PGND pins
    • Configurable thermal shutdown threshold, up to 216 ºC
    • 7-bit temperature measurement, calibrated
    • Configurable undervoltage protection on the Vplus pin (from 6.0 to 15 V)
  • Operating voltage ranging from -40 to 150 ºC
  • Capable of driving inductive, resistive and capacitive loads
  • Quartz-free IO-link clock extraction and timing generation for the COM2 (38.4 kBaud) and COM3 (230.4 kBaud)
  • Integrated UART with M-sequence handling (checksum included) for the IO-Link sequences according to version 1.1 of the specification
  • Single octed UART mode for unlimited M-sequence size and continuous data transfer
  • Internal data buffer of up to 15 octets
  • Transparent UART mode for special applications
  • 8 V zener for fast demagnetization of inductive loads
  • Two configurable LED drivers (up to 8 mA current)
  • QFN-20L 4×4 mm package


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