M.2 E-Key Wi-Fi 7 HAT for Raspberry Pi 5 also supports Google TPU

The Mcuzone MPW7 HAT for the Raspberry Pi 5 is designed to work with 2230 Wi-Fi 7 M.2 E-Key modules like the Intel BE200, AX210, and AX200, but the M.2 socket can also take Wi-Fi 6/6E modules as well as Google’s Tensor Processing Units (TPUs). It also integrates Bluetooth support via a 1.25mm USB interface on the HAT.


Previously, we have covered many different HATs for the Raspberry Pi module, such as the Mcuzone MPS2280 M.2 NVMe HATMcuzone MP4GM 4G LTE HAT, and the Sixfab 5G Modem Kit. Feel free to check those out if you are interested in Raspberry Pi 5 HATs.

Mcuzone MPW7 M.2 E-Key Wi-Fi 7 module specification:

  • M.2 E-Key socket supports 2230 modules
  • WiFi modules compatibility – Supports M.2 E-Key modules like BE200, AX210, AX200, MT7922, Intel 8265C, etc…
  • Bluetooth connectivity – 1.25mm 4-pin USB interface for Bluetooth integrated into the Wi-Fi module connected to the MPW7
  • Misc – On-board power and act LED indicators
  • Dimensions
    • 65mm x 56mm.
    • 4x M 2.5 fixing holes
    • Design to allow easy access to the Raspberry Pi 5’s 40-pin GPIO header

The module is well-designed and even though the hat is attached, the GPIO of the Pi can be accessed very easily. The company also provides clear markings on the board for easy identification of parts.

he board has Bluetooth support, but you need to connect it to the Pi’s USB using the JST connector on the board. Additionally, the company mentioned it will also support Google TPU.

The Wi-Fi 7 HAT for Raspberry Pi 5 is available for $9.99 on AliExpress, with a selection of bundle options including additional antenna, PCB standoffs, and even a case. Keep in mind that choosing these bundles will increase the total cost, along with shipping fees.

Source: M.2 E-Key Wi-Fi 7 HAT for Raspberry Pi 5 also supports Google TPU

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