Pokit Innovations has done it again. Hot on the heels of pokitMeter’s success on Kickstarter and beyond, the pokit team are ready to ramp it up with their next product – Pokit PRO. This new electronic measurement tool will be launched as the company’s second Kickstarter campaign on the 22nd of October 2019.

Pokit PRO was born out of the many excellent ideas given to the pokit team from their community of dedicated and creative supporters. The community loved the original pokitMeter for its highly accurate, versatile and fully integrated multimeter, oscilloscope and data logger functions. These are all packed into a tiny, portable device that connects to a smartphone app, and costs a fraction of traditional measurement tools. Pokit PRO will have all these functions and much more.

“The pokit community dared us to create bigger, bolder and better. We listened, and this is exactly what we bring with the enhanced features of Pokit PRO”

Opportunity Through Versatility

Enhanced functionality opens the door to new use-case possibilities. Pokit PRO is a full-featured multimeter, accurately measuring AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance and ambient temperature, as well as checking continuity and diodes. Pokit PRO’s 600V RMS (CAT III) voltage range extends pokit’s applications to include higher-voltage household, lighting, automotive and electronics work.

Pokit PRO has been optimised for heavy duty work through its water resistant housing and high quality materials. Pokit PRO also comes with a whole bunch of other exciting new features, including an integrated torch, rubberised grip and rechargeable battery.

More Power In Your Hands

Pokit PRO’s enhanced digital storage oscilloscope functionality supports multichannel use, connecting up to four devices simultaneously. Waveforms can be captured, displayed in real-time on a smartphone, and then saved for export to a CSV file. You can even perform an FFT spectrum analysis directly within the app! Pokit PRO fosters a creative community through its open-source API, which allows users to create their own pokit integrated apps and share them with others.

“Pokit’s harnessing of the power of smartphones has revolutionised the way test and measurement tools are used. There is no other tool which brings such power, accuracy and functionality in such a small package”


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