Power Management HAT for Raspberry Pi, Embedded Arduino MCU and RTC



The Power Management HAT is a smart power bank designed for Raspberry Pi. With the embedded Arduino MCU and RTC, the HAT features auto power management function which allows the Pi to work more power-efficient and more safely.

If you're looking for some convenient utilities for your long-term working Raspberry Pi, such as longer battery life, or auto power on-off control, this Power Management HAT would be the ideal choice.

By auto starting up on a specified period, and auto shutdown at other times, the HAT can greatly save battery life. It will monitor the operating voltage/current status of the Raspberry Pi in real-time and can be configured to shut the Pi down according to the operating status. What's more, it comes with a handy power switch for easy on or off (safely shutdown the Pi by software), to avoid data loss caused by unplugging the power supply.


  • Standard Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO extension header, supports Raspberry Pi series boards
  • Onboard ATmega328P MCU, supports Arduino programming
  • Onboard PCF8523 RTC chip, provides precise RTC information
  • Onboard CP2102 UART converter, for UART communication or ATmega328P programming
  • The user-defined button can be used for Raspberry Pi startup, safely shutdown, or other customized function
  • Protection circuits such as power supply anti-reverse, counter-current proof, etc. ensure stable and safe operating
  • Voltage/current monitoring circuit monitors the Raspberry Pi operating voltage and current in real-time
  • Comes with development resources and manual


  • Controller: ATmega328P-AU
  • Communication interface: UART + GPIO
  • Baudrate: 115200bps by default (programmable)
  • Power supply interface: USB port or PH2.0 connector
  • USB power input voltage: 5V
  • PH2.0 power input voltage: DC 7~28V (regulated power supply or lithium battery)
  • Embedded circuits: power supply anti-reverse, counter-current proof, voltage monitoring, current monitoring
  • Mounting hole size: 3.0mm

What's on Board

1.ATmega328P-AU MCU
2.MP1584 power manager
3.PCF8523 RTC chip
4.CP2102 UART converter
5.CAT24C32: EEPROM storage chip
6.Raspberry Pi GPIO connector: for connecting Raspberry Pi
7.PH2.0 connector: for 7~28V regulated power supply or lithium battery
8.USB TO UART: for power input or UART communication
9.DEBUG switch:

DEBUG side: power supply will bypass the Arduino and directly provides to Raspberry Pi
the opposite side: power supply is managed by Arduino

10.PWR button: for Raspberry Pi power on/off, or user-defined function
11.RST button: Arduino reset
12.Status indicator
13.Power indicator
14.CR1220 button battery holder
15.UART selection:

A: access Arduino via USB to UART
B: control the Raspberry Pi by Arduino
C: access Raspberry Pi via USB to UART



Part List

  1. Power Management HAT x1
  2. 18650 battery case x1
  3. USB-A to USB micro B cable x1
  4. 2x20PIN female pinheader x1
  5. RPi screws pack (2pcs) x1


HSCODE 8543909000
USHSCODE 8471410150

Source: Power Management HAT for Raspberry Pi, Embedded Arduino MCU and RTC

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