Raspberry Pi 4 13MP 4K MIPI camera devkit $99

A new Raspberry Pi 4 13 megapixel 4K MIPI camera development kit created by the team at e-Con Systems is now available priced at $99. e-Con Systems I have included a 15cm FPC cable to connect to the MIPI CSI-2 camera interface on Raspberry Pi 4 SBC as well as offering a V4L2 Linux camera driver, support for Gstreamer-1.0, and a sample application with source code for image capture and preview. Check out the overview video below to learn more about what you can expect from the e-CAM130_CURB camera devkit.

“e-CAM130_CURB, Raspberry Pi High Quality camera, a reliable solution leveraging the latest version of Raspberry Pi to help customers accelerate their time to market with an easily deployable camera module. This Raspberry Pi MIPI camera has an ability to extract more information to create a content rich image. Its built-in image signal processor (ISP) helps to offload image processing tasks and reduces CPU usage. Its interchangeable M12(S-mount) lens allows customers to choose a lens of their choice according to their application needs. The uncompressed 4K streaming capabilities minimizes the computation load on the platform which is suitable for running a video analytic application. “

e-CAM130_CURB camera devkit specifications:

– e-CAM137A_CUMI1335_MOD 13.0 MP camera module with S-mount lens holder, ON Semiconductor AR1335 13MP 1/3.2″ CMOS image sensor
– Image Signal Processor (ISP) for auto functions such as auto white balance, auto exposure control as well as optional MJPEG compression.
– Resolutions and frame rates
– VGA (640 x 480) – 110 fps
– HD (1280 x 720) – 72 fps
– Full HD (1920 x 1080) – 60 fps
– 4K (3840 x 2160) – 15 fps
– 4K CINEMA (4096 x 2160) – 14 fps
– 13MP (4208 x 3120) – 9 fps
– Note: Number for UYVY format over the 2-lane MIPI-CSI2 interface, the frame rate may be lower when/if rendering to the display connected to Raspberry Pi 4, especially for higher resolution
– Adaptor board dimensions – 30 x 30 mm (height depends on the lens)
– Temperature Range – -30°C to 70°C

Source: Raspberry Pi 4 13MP 4K MIPI camera devkit $99

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