Raspberry Pi automated pet feeder

If you have a small pet such as a hamster, gerbil or mouse that needs feeding on a daily basis you may be interested in a new Raspberry Pi project by Explaining Computers. Which uses the Raspberry Pi Zero mini PC to create an automated pet feeder. Check out the video below to learn more.

“People make marvellous things for their pets with Raspberry Pi. Here’s a splendid hamster feeder tutorial from Christopher Barnatt of Explaining Computers, just perfect if you’re after a small project for this weekend. All you need to build your hamster feeder is a Raspberry Pi Zero and peripherals, a couple of servos, some plasticard, sellotape and liquid polyadhesive, and some jumper wires. The video takes you very clearly through the entire set-up, from measurements to wiring details to Python code (which is available to download). As Christopher explains, this will allow you to feed your hamster controlled portions of food at suitable intervals, so that it doesn’t eat the lot in one go and, consequently, explode. What’s not to love?”

Source: Raspberry Pi automated pet feeder

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