Raspberry Pi Remote For Free!

For my first ible I just wanted to give everyone a quick tutorial on how to use the HDMI-CEC protocol to control your Pi with your Tv's remote control.

This is very useful because is saves you from having to buy a remote just for your Pi and also leaves you with an open usb that you would have needed for your wireless keyboard and mouse.

Raspberry Pi Remote For Free!

Step 1: Do You Have CEC?

Every manufacturer has a different trade name for CEC,

Samsung ‚ÄstAnynet+
Sony ‚ÄstBRAVIA Link¬†or¬†BRAVIA Sync
Sharp ‚ÄstAquos Link
Hitachi ‚ÄstHDMI-CECAOC ‚ÄstE-link
Pioneer ‚ÄstKuro Link
Toshiba ‚ÄstRegza Link¬†or¬†CE-Link
LG ‚ÄstSimpLink
Panasonic ‚ÄstVIERA Link¬†or¬†HDAVI Control¬†or¬†EZ-Sync
Philips ‚ÄstEasyLink

If your TV has a button, logo, or menu with one of these names or similar, congratulations you have CEC!

Step 2: Getting Set Up

I'm going to be using an LG ‚Äď 42LD450 and a Panasonic TC ‚Äď P50X2 as examples. My Raspberry Pi is a type B and is running Raspbmc. Most of the steps will be very similar in most Tv's. If your lucky you might only have to plug in your Pi without any additional steps!

Get your Raspberry Pi hooked up using HDMI (obviously to use HDMI -CEC you have to use and HDMI cable for video)

Raspberry Pi Remote For Free!

Step 3: LG TV

For my LG tv these are the steps.
1. Turn on the tv and go to the Raspberry Pi input.

2. Boot up the Pi and wait for it to get to the Raspbmc home screen.

3. Press ‚ÄėSimpLink' on your tv's remote.

4. Turn it on


The tv and the Pi are now ‚Äėpaired' and the tv remote will control the basic functions in Raspbmc. Play, pause, directional arrows, ok etc.


For more detail: Raspberry Pi Remote For Free!

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