Raspberry Pi RFID and NFC reader

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts searching for a project to keep them busy this weekend may be interested to know that the latest issue of the HackSpace magazine, created by the official Raspberry Pi team features a project that allows you to build a Raspberry Pi RFID and NFC reader. Using a NFC HAT the Raspberry Pi mini PC can read both RFID tags and NFC using the standard Raspberry Pi Lite operating system.

“NFC (near-field communication) is based on the RFID (radio-frequency identification) standard. Both allow a device to receive data from a passive token or tag (meaning it doesn’t require external power to work). RFID supports a simple ID message that shouts ‘I exist’, whereas NFC allows for both reading and writing of data.

Most people come into contact with these systems every day, whether it’s using contactless payment, or a card to unlock a hotel or office door. In this tutorial we’ll look at the Waveshare NFC HAT, an add-on for Raspberry Pi computers that allows you to interact with NFC and RFID tokens.”

Source: Raspberry Pi RFID and NFC reader

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