Raspberry pi Tracer interface

Everything started with the fact that the MT-5 display wasn't what I really needed. I was in the need of checking the charging from the device using the battery: my trusty Raspberry pi (1 B at the time). I managed to stumble over this instructable (http://www.instructables.com/id/Use-Arduino-to-Com… and git project (https://github.com/xxv/tracer/). So the code and research isn't mine.

But this was made for the arduino, (why use a USB and arduino when you have the capability on the raspberry pi?)

So i bought the EP solar MPPT solar controller from eBay + MT-5 display. That got me thinking that it should be possible to collect and store the data for later use. Said and done I started to search after the protocol specs and found what I needed here [Protocol] and as a nice bonus there where some code for arduino and python.

So with this information and code this was quite a easy task.

The resultRaspberry pi Tracer interface

Step 1: (Optional) Try on a arduino.

You might consider this step to make sure you have hooked up everything the right way. Since the arduino is a little bit more forgivning then the raspberry pi (only 3.3v and will die if you hook it up wrong).

On my RJ45 cable it was:

arduino pin 10 to Full blue

arduino pin 11 to green/white

Arduino pin GND to orange

Double and triple check this before you hook it up, there are some 12v pins!

Arduino code: Arduino code

Does it work?

Great! Go on to the next step.

Else check your connections

Step 2: Step 1: The hardware

You will need:

1. raspberry pi with appropriate cables and case.

1,5 A SD card 8 gb microSD for the newer ones

2. A RJ45 cable that you don't like (but is working)

3. Connectors to hook the 2 together. I lab with ( http://www.ebay.com/itm/40PCS-Dupont-wire-jumper-c… )

4. A Tracer MPPT controller (or equiv.)

5. 12 v battery

6. Solar panels

Step 3: Making the cable

Follow the pictures.


Black= GNDRaspberry pi Tracer interface schematic

Step 4: Step 2: The OS

You will need the latest Raspbian image


follow this guide


Step 5: Step 3: The Software

When first booting Expand filesystem

if you allready have a active Raspberry Pi

start “sudo raspi-config”

Choose 8

Then A8

And No (“Nej” is no in swedish)


Do a

git clone https://github.com/xxv/tracer.git

cd tracer/python/

python query_demo.py


For more detail: Raspberry pi Tracer interface

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