Raspberry Pi used to fix Nintendo Switch online lag issues

Chris Barlas from TopSpec has shared a new Raspberry Pi project to help Nintendo switch online gamers reduce the lag, which sometimes causes issues and disconnections during online battles. “The advantage of using Raspberry Pi is that it can handle wireless networking more reliably than Nintendo Switch on its own. Bring the two devices together using a LAN adapter, and you’ve got a perfect pairing. Chris reports speeds up to three times faster using this hack.”

Check out the tutorial video below to learn more about how the Raspberry Pi mini PC can be used to help improve your online Nintendo switch gaming and connection.

To test his creation, Chris ran a speed test downloading a 10GB game, Pokémon Shield, using three different connection solutions. The Raspberry Pi hack came out “way ahead” of the wireless connection relying on the Switch alone. Of course, plugging your Switch directly into your internet router would get the fastest results of all, but routers have a habit of being miles away from where you want to sit and play.”

Jump over to the official Raspberry Pi blog for more information and links to Chris’s project and links to components you will require.

Source: Raspberry Pi used to fix Nintendo Switch online lag issues

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