Raspberry Pi video doorbell retro style

If you’re doorbell could do with a little 21st-century makeover you may be interested in a Raspberry Pi video doorbell created by Instructable member MisterM. Who has not only created an awesome Raspberry Pi video doorbell but also given it a retro 1986 style design. Watch the video below to learn more about the pine video doorbell.

Raspberry Pi video doorbell retro style

“The PiNG Video Doorbell is powered by a Raspberry Pi and is retro-stylishly cased in a 1986 Intercom and an old Sony cassette player. When the doorbell button is pressed the Pi makes a high-quality video call using Google Duo, which can be answered on a phone, tablet or computer, letting you see and speak to callers when you’re away from home (or at home but trapped under a cat). It works over WiFi and cellular, so you can even answer the door when you’re out pounding the streets.”


“It also sounds a standard wireless door chime inside the house as a fail-safe, in case the call can’t be taken. The setup and code are very straightforward, read on and I’ll show how you can make your own video doorbell from scratch in just a couple of hours for well under £50 (or for practically nothing if you already have a Pi and some components lying around!).”

For full instructions on how to build your very own Raspberry Pi video doorbell jump over to the Instructables website by following the link below for full instructions and a list of everything you need to build your very own DIY video doorbell.

Source: Raspberry Pi video doorbell retro style

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