Renesas Electronics RAA210925 DC/DC Power Modules with PMBus Interface are pin-strap configurable dual 25A step-down PMBus-compliant DC/DC power supply modules. These power modules integrate a digital PWM controller, power inductor, synchronous MOSFETs, and passive components. The RAA210925 power modules deliver up to 25A of continuous output current without the need for additional heat sinking or airflow. These power modules offer an upgrade to full PMBus configuration through the pin-compatible ISL8274M.

The RAA210925 power modules feature a unique ChargeMode™ control loop architecture and complete over/undervoltage, current, and temperature protections. The ChargeMode control architecture can support switching frequencies up to 1067kHz and provides a single clock cycle response to an output load step.


  • 25A/25A dual-channel output current4.5V to 14V single rail input voltage
  • Up to 95.5% efficiency
  • Programmable output voltage:0.6V to 5V output voltage settings
  • ±1.2% accuracy over line/load/temperature
  • ChargeMode control loop architecture:296kHz to 1067kHz fixed switching frequency operations
  • No compensation required
  • Fast single clock cycle transient response
  • PMBus interface and/or pin-strap mode:Programmable through PMBus
  • Pin-strap mode for standard settings
  • Real-time telemetry for VIN, VOUT, IOUT, temperature, duty cycle, and fSW
  • Complete over/undervoltage, current, and temperature protections with fault logging
  • PowerNavigator supported
  • Thermally enhanced 18mm x 23mm x 7.5mm HDA package

The RAA210925 power modules are supported by PowerNavigator™ software, a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that configures modules for desired solutions. These power modules are available in a low profile, compact 18mm x 23mm x 7.5mm thermally enhanced HDA package. Typical applications include server, datacom, storage, industrial/ATE and networking equipment, and general purpose power for ASIC, DSP, FPGA, and memory.


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