Setup OctoPi OS on your Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi and 3D printing enthusiasts wishing to get started using the OctoPi OS on your Raspberry Pi to monitor and process 3D printing projects may be interested in a new tutorial showing beginners how to setup the OctoPi in GUI mode on the Pi mini PC. You will need a Raspberry Pi (Model 3B or later, Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero W not recommended) together with the the latest image of OctoPi from the official website.

“A quick and easy guide to setting up OctoPi for beginners with zero experience. Follow these steps to setup OctoPi OS on your Raspberry Pi in a few basic steps regardless of your machine’s operating system. So what exactly is OctoPrint? Here is a list of things OctoPrint allows you to do:

– Wirelessly upload G-code files from a computer to a 3D printer
– Manually control a 3D printer (moving the X-, Y-, and Z-axes as well as forcing extrusion)
– Monitor print temperature and change print settings
– Set up a webcam to view the Print in real time and create time lapse videos
– Slice models using CuraEngine Legacy
– Customize operation with numerous plug-ins

For the full tutorial jump over to the GitHub tutorial by following the link below.

Source: Setup OctoPi OS on your Raspberry Pi

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