Sump pump water level: The hardware

The second part of this tutorial about the software can be found here:

What you need:

* 2  X pieces of wood 4X6. 1/4” and the other 1/2” thick
* 1 X 3 inches pipe. length varies depending of the deep of your pit.
* A couple of screw
* 1 X 1k resistor
* 1  X Raspberry pi
* 1X HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor
* Wire

Sump pump water level

Step 1: The sensor

The sensor mesure the time it took to an ultrasound to get back to it.

Step 2: Create the base

First, cut a 3 inches hole in the thicker 4”X6” piece of wood. Stick the pieces of wood together.

Step 3: Prepare the base for the sensor.

Drill two 3/4” hole in the center of the 3” hole. The distance between them is 1”. Add 3 screw to hold the pipe.

Step 4: Add the sensor

Mount the sensor on 2 spacer to keep the sensor level. Stick the sensor to the spacer with hot glue.

Step 5:

Add 8 screw to hold the wired. Optional: add a plexyglass cover to protect your masterpiece.

Sump pump water level diagram

Step 6: Connection

How to connect to the raspberry:

Pin 1 GND: connect to the ground of the rasp.
Pin 2 Echo to gpio 9
Pin 3 Trig to gpio 11. Add a 1k resistor
Pin 4 VCC to the 3.3V


For more detail: Sump pump water level: The hardware

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