The Universal Serial Bus, commonly known as USB, is probably one of the smartest innovations of today. In this digital era, a USB extension cable plays an important part in businesses as most of our devices would be of no use without them. USB extension cables are used to access, gather, and transfer data to be easy.

Moreover, there are times when compatible devices, like printer, scanners, and other office equipment, have shorter cables making the connection ports inaccessible. USB extension cables are extremely useful in such situations.

Let us take a look at the power of USB extension cables in detail.

Faster Data Transfer

Higher data transfer rates allow business networks to perform all their complex tasks. For larger and heavier tasks such as online streaming, using USB extension cables could help you improve the performance of your business’s own network.

USB extension cables can carry information at about 12 Mb per second when compared to ordinary parallel cables that can only transfer 115 Kb per second.

Multiple Connections

USB extension cables are made for multitasking and you can connect multiple devices unlike when you use a parallel cable. USB hubs allow you to connect multiple devices at the same time without you to be worrying about any decline in the performance.

Charge Your Devices

How many times have you faced a situation where you had power but wanted to charge your phone quickly without using a wall socket? One powerful advantage of a USB extension cable is that they can be used to charge gadgets like mobile phones and tablets.


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