This Raspberry Pi accessories kit will power your DIY projects


CrowPi Raspberry Pi Accessory Kit

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From drone hacking devices to automated pet care, you can do many things with a Raspberry Pi. If you fancy taking on your own Pi-powered projects, the CrowPi Raspberry Pi Accessory Kit can help you get started. This treasure trove of useful components includes motors, receivers, buttons, and even a touchscreen. Right now, you can get the kit for $220, or $349 with a Raspberry Pi 3B+ via the PopSci Shop.

Some people are content to use their Pi as a tiny desktop machine—but this microcomputer is capable of much more. The CrowPi kit lets you unlock that hidden potential, with loads of great accessories and learning materials.


Raspberry Pi accessories kit

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Inside a compact carry case, you get over 30 different components to play with. The list includes an NFC tag, a headphone adapter, an infrared remote and receiver, a servo, a stepper motor, and a huge selection of buttons.

First-time builders can follow the supplied tutorials to build some cool DIY projects. Alternatively, you can dive straight in and make your own Pi-powered touchscreen computer, complete with wireless connectivity and camera.

You can grab the kit now for $220 and use it with your own board, or upgrade to the Advanced kit for $349, which comes with a Raspberry Pi 3B+. For both deals, use code BOO15 for 15 percent off at checkout.


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