Using a Raspberry Pi private GitLab server

Following on from their previous project which detailed how to install GitLab on the Raspberry Pi 4, member Mikrocontroller Projekte has published a new project providing more details about the usage of GitLab CE on a Raspberry Pi 4 mini PC running 4GB of RAM.

The second part of the tutorial explores more about the usage of GitLab CE on a Raspberry Pi mini PC including generating a SSH key pair for authentication, creating and pushing a project to your GitLab server, cloning a project from your GitLab server and more. “Create Push and Clone your STM32 microcontroller projects with Git on your own private GitLab server running on a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB!”

The project requires you have a Raspberry Pi 4 model B preloaded with the Raspberry Pi Raspbian operating system. For more information on all the projects created by Mikrocontroller Projekte jump over to the official member page by following the link below. if you’re interested in learning more about other Raspberry Pi operating systems that are available in stable formats jump over to our previous article which lists the major Raspberry Pi OSes.

Source: Using a Raspberry Pi private GitLab server

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