World’s Smallest Gaming PC

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts who also enjoy a little retro gaming may be interested in this tiny gaming rig created by YouTube Michael Pick. To match the tiny size of the Raspberry Pi case, which is smaller than a can of Coke Pick has combined it with a tiny Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad and tiny screen to match. Check out the video below to learn more about the Raspberry Pi project.

“This is the worlds smallest gaming PC that I made. While the raspberry pi 3b+ internals may seem normal, a lot of work has been put into making this look just like a +$1000 gaming PC. Even down to the overpriced graphics card and RGB fans. I was able to play Apex Legends and other very intense games by using Parsec. However, you can play Minecraft and all of the other supported Pi games as well.”

Source: World’s Smallest Gaming PC

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