Netbook Laptop Build for $ 160 – Raspberry Pi Powered.

Hey Everyone! I’m 13, and I was inspired by online projects and cool computer builds to see if I could build a laptop. This may not be the greatest tutorial ever, but this laptop has 512 mb of ram, a 1ghz processor, with wifi, around 4 gb of space. but it’s only 160!Netbook Laptop Build for $ 160 Raspberry Pi Powered

Step 1: Overview of Parts

Ok, so here we go
these are the general list of parts needed, I’ll list what I used and the general object too. I found all my supplies except the casement on Amazon1 portable battery
I used an Opteka 6000 mah solar

2 usb hubs, 1 large, 1 small
I used a 4 port generic usb hub seen in pic and a 4 port travel mini one by HDE

hdmi input screen
I used a tontec 7″ raspberry pi screen, non touchscreen

power cords
you need a usb to microusb cord for the computer, which is very common, just search it. for the screen, the tontec screen took a 2.1mm usb to DC power cable

hdmi cable – any brand just normal hdmi

keyboard and mouse
I used a gearhead mini sub keyboard and a wireless mouse I had lying around.

paneling to hide the wires – I cut up an old 3 ring folder binder

raspberry pi
I bought one off Amazon, use the b or b+ for full power

micro sd card
I’d recommend 8 gb and a class 4, if you have a type a pi make sure it has a ad card adapter

wifi adapter
just a mini wifi adapter, usb and small.
edimax has one on Amazon ideal for this
and the laptop case
I’ll get to this at step 5

that’s it!

Step 2: Step 1 – do a first time assemble

don’t worry about the case yet, well just do a first time assembly

if you used the tontec screen, Google how to attach the screen to the driver board

ok so connect the mini usb hub to your battery, which should be off, then plug the microusb cord and the usb to (whatever power input your screen takes, in my case usb to dc) cord into the mini usb hub

set down your raspberry pi and plug the micro usb cable into it, and set down your screen and plug it it’s power source cord

connect the hdmi cable from the screen to the raspberry pi

then connect your larger usb hub and wifi adapter and mouse and keyboard to the raspberry pi.

now before we power it on, you need an OS, so here’s that stepNetbook Laptop Build for $ 160 Raspberry Pi Powered schematich

Step 3: Add an OS to the computer

Ok so here we go
your laptop is not going to run Windows or Mac. there, I said it.But this computer will be able to run multiple other OSES, including android, Linux, and Risc Is

I recommend Debian Linux Wheezy, as seen in the picture above. a special version for this laptop is avaliable, Google Raspbian OS

This is how to install wheezy

you need a windows for this
ok so download Wheezy from the Raspbian source, it should be a zip or img file, if it’s a zip extract the img file inside of it.

install Win32DiskImager from online and run it. plug your microsd card into the computer using an sd card adapter, and check the drive letter.

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