“Portable” Raspberry Pi

Merry Christmas world!!! This is a special Christmas ‘ible that I’m making based off what I got for Christmas this year. πŸ˜€
I got a small monitor and small keyboard this year (AA battery for size comparison), and I decided to use it to make a portable(ish) raspberry pi. It’s not portable in the sense that it’s for on-the-go situations, but it’s more portable in terms of not being wired down. The next edition might even be wearable and therefore more portable and on the go.Portable Raspberry Pi

Step 1: What You’ll Need…

Keep in mind that these are the things that I used, you don’t need to use these exact products to get similar results.

The list of all materials are:
-a raspberry pi that’s ready to go
-a small 640×480 tft car backup monitor
-power jack for monitor
-a riitek mini i8 keyboard
-a 5 volt UBEC module
-a male-male RCA connecting cord
-two alligator clips
-a giant 6 volt battery
-two rubber bands

Step 2: Starting Off

Ok, so to start off, I put the two rubber bands on the battery somewhat in the middle but a little shifted to the right. Then I plugged in the UBEC module to the raspberry pi GPIO pins, positive to pin 2 and negative to pin 6. You can check the chart to see why. Then once that’s done, I slid the raspberry pi and UBEC onto the side of the battery whilst using the rubber bands to hold it there.Portable Raspberry Pi schematic

Step 3: The Monitor

Now onto the monitor. I plugged the power jack into the corresponding plug thingy, then I plugged in one side of the RCA cable to the yellow input jack (the white one was there in case I wanted a second input). Afterwards, I secured the monitor to the top of the battery by slipping the base in between both rubber bands. And to finish up here, I connected the other side of the RCA cord to the raspberry pi’s analog output. Now in my case, I was lucky that this 12 volt car monitor was able to nicely run on only a 6 volt battery, otherwise I would have had to remove the internal voltage regulator in the monitor.


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