Build an arcade machine powered by raspberry pi for a low budget

So I was inspired by the projects I saw online like the NaCade and the Porta-Pi, and wanted to build somthing similar. Problem was, as a 13 year old kid, I don't really have that much money to spend, apart from gift cards. So instead of trying to follow a guide and save some more money, I build this thing! This is for a good project for people who don't have the cash to buy cast acrylic or ply wood sheets, ...

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Updated People Counter with Raspberry Pi

This is an updated version of UbiMaker's Open Source People Counter with new scripts. Where I have made mistakes, I will note them, in the hopes that you don't have to do the same! People Counters are an especially useful tool for libraries, and one that many cannot afford. The total cost for my build was under $100. This tutorial assumes that your Pi is already set up (I recommend using Raspbian) and you'v ...

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Make Raspberry Pi into a LDAP Server to Store User Account Data and Password

Introduction An LDAP server provide the following benefits: Authenticate for all the users of Raspberry Pis and computers in your network Store files stored /etc directory Store contact details that can be useful for email clients My personal reason of running an LDAP server is to have one central point of authentication. After completing this tutorial, you might be interested in reading "Make Raspberry Pi ...

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Praxisberry Pi

In this instructable we will make a Raspberry Pi-based music player. Me and some friends made this as a group project for school. Supply list: Raspberry Pi SD Card SD Card reader/writer Speakers Power supply for Raspberry Pi Access to the internet (optional) USB DAC Step 1: Prepare your SD Card Download installer Navigate to the folder MountRPI Double click "" Follow the instructions Step 2: Sett ...

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