Automatic Plant Watering system

My inspiration

I love cooking and always wanted to have my own garden with different herbs. But there was one issue: I always screw up my plants. Tried many times – same result. They die faster than I realize I need to water them. So I started to think – how can I automate this process? So I can always have my herbs nearby without need to take care about them.automatic plant watering system

What the system is built with

So I've created a system based on Raspberry Pi 2, water pump, drop watering system and sensors:

  • 3 soil humidity sensors (1 sensor for each pod. My system can serve up to 3 pods)
  • 1 temperature/humidity sensor
  • Ambient light sensor

Additionally you can install webcam (for time-lapse video of your plants growing) and Philips Hue Lamp (you will be able to control it remotely).

How it works:

System runs 24/7. Every 1 hour it checks sensors in the following order and acts based on this:

1. Soil Humidity sensors. If soil humidity is lower than 60% at least at 1 plant – system activates water pump for 5 seconds. There is a limitation – no more than 2 watering/days.

2. System checks air humidity and temperature. If temperature is lower than 15C –> it sends email notification “Consider to move plants inside your apartment”.

3. Light sensor. In case light level is lower than 60% during the day (from 9 AM till 9 PM) – system activates Wi-Fi lightning (I use Philips Hue lamp) with a soft sun-like light.automatic plant watering system

Additionally system logs all the results into .txt file, that I can access remotely at any point in time.

As a bonus I've enabled my old web-cam, so it takes pictures every 1 hour. Afterwards I'll be able to do great time-lapse video to see my herbs growing.

For more detail: Automatic Plant Watering system

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