Bosch Sensortec’s BHI260AB ultra-low-power high-performance smart sensor hub with integrated accelerometer and gyroscope

Bosch Sensortec’s BHI260AB is a family of ultra-low-power smart hubs consisting of Bosch Sensortech’s programmable 32-bit microcontroller (Fuser2), a state-of-the-art 6-axis IMU, and a powerful software framework containing pre-installed sensor fusion and other sensor processing software within a small 44-pad LGA package.

The Fuser2 Core is configurable to operate at 20 MHz (Long Run mode) and 50 MHz (Turbo mode). It can boot from a wide variety of hosts, ranging from a small Arm® Cortex®-M0 MCU up to multicore application processors, while it can also run standalone when booting from an attached Flash memory. In combination with its wide connectivity and extendability, the BHI260AB becomes a versatile and ideal solution when it comes to always-on sensor processing at ultra-low-power consumption.

Hardware Features

  • CPU core
    • ARC® EM4 CPU with ARCv2 16/32 bit instruction set (up to 3.6 CoreMark/MHz)
    • Floating point unit (FPU) / memory protection unit (MPU)
    • 4-channel micro DMA controller / 2-way associative cache controller
  • Memory
    • 256 kB on-chip SRAM
    • 144 kB on-chip ROM preloaded with software
    • Up to 8 MB external Flash for execute in place (XiP) code execution
  • Connectivity
    • Host interface configurable as SPI or I2C
    • 3 master interfaces (selectable out of 2x SPI master and 2x I2C master)
    • Up to 25 GPIOs
    • Fast I/O operations
      • SPI and GPIOS up to 50 MHz
      • I2C up to 3.4 MHz
  • Integrated sensor [six degrees of freedom inertial measurement unit (6-DoF IMU)]
    • 16-bit 3-axis accelerometer
    • 16-bit 3-axis gyroscope


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