CCTV surveillance using Raspberry Pi


For Security purposes, we usually need to capture every motion in specified areas. To fulfill this requirement, CCTV cameras were introduced a few years ago.

However, this brought along some challenges such as the following:

  • The ordinary security cameras run continuously, in turn recording everything
  • They need to be monitored 24 hours a day
  • Another major problem with ordinary security cameras is that you need to fast-forward and rewind a lot to find a particular moment / situation

CCTV surveillance using Raspberry Pi

Vmoksha’s Solution
To overcome these issues, Motion activated cameras were introduced. These cameras do not record unless a specified minimum size moves within their range. It stores only potentially relevant video which makes easy to review a particular event.

Vmoksha has implemented CCTV Surveillance System by using Raspberry Pi. This system records every motion in a specified area, which can be monitored from any web browser. The camera connected to the Raspberry Pi module detects any kind of motion and capture images. The Raspberry Pi stores the images locally, converts them into a video and uploads that video into Cloud storage such as Dropbox

Hardware Components

Raspberry Pi: It is a credit-card sized low-cost computer that plugs into a TV or computer monitor and uses a standard keyboard and mouse.

Raspberry Pi Camera Module: It captures high-definition video and still photographs. It is also used to capture slow-motion, time-lapse and other videos.

Power Supply: Raspberry Pi has micro USB connectors to connect the power supply. The requirement for the power supply is 5V and 700mA although it is recommended to use a 1.2A power supply especially if you will be connecting wireless devices or a Wi-Fi dongle.

SD Card: The Raspberry Pi Operating System is loaded and executed from an SD card.

CCTV surveillance using Raspberry Pi Diagram

Software Components

Raspbian: To run the Raspberry Pi, we need an operating system which is a set of basic programs and utilities. Raspberry Pi foundation recommends installing Raspbian operating system, a version of Debian Linux that optimizes and uses the Raspberry Pi hardware. This comes with over 35,000 packages, which makes it more than a pure OS. It is precompiled software bundled in an appropriate format for easy installation on your Raspberry Pi. It is still under active development with emphasis on improving the performance and stability of many Debian packages.


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