The SynthUSB3 is an innovative, low-cost, pocketable RF signal generator – software-tunable from 12.5MHz to 6.4GHz in 0.1 Hz steps

Saelig Company Inc. announces the Windfreak Technologies SynthUSB3 – a pocketable 12.5MHz to 6.4GHz software-tunable RF signal generator and frequency sweeper that can be controlled and powered by any device running Windows, Linux or Android via a USB port. The SynthUSB3 also has built-in nonvolatile flash memory so it can be programmed to operate by itself without requiring a PC connection for any frequency, power, sweep, or modulation setting.  This provides a highly mobile, low power, light weight solution for a wide range of RF signal generation needs.

The provided user-friendly GUI application controlling the SynthUSB3, written in LabVIEW™, provides a desktop instrument experience and performance at a fraction the cost of a standalone instrument.  Data entry on the PC can be performed either with a displayed touch pad or knob, or directly with the PC’s keyboard and arrow keys.  Power levels can be set in 0.1dBm increments, with a maximum output of 8dBm and minimum of -50dBm.  RF power setting resolution is non-linear with finer resolution at higher output powers. On-board calibration is attained through a look-up table unique to each SynthUSB3 device.  Calibration over the whole range from 12.5MHz to 6.4GHz is performed at the factory and stored in the built-in flash memory.  RF frequency accuracy relies on an onboard 2.5ppm 10MHz crystal oscillator.

Compact in size (2” X 1” X 0.5”) the SynthUSB3 will find application in wireless communications systems design, automated test equipment (ATE), radiated immunity pre-compliance EMC testing, etc.  This device is a versatile generic RF signal generator for test setups, or as a high quality local oscillator in your RF / microwave communication system.


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