DRS Enabled Smart Pantry

A pantry which can automatically replenish kitchen items.

Most of the times, when I want to cook something I find some cooking ingredient (onion, garlic, chili etc.) is running low. In some cases I buy wrong item such as garlic instead of onion. When I reach at my kitchen I observe that, I have a plenty of onion but no garlic. How will you feel in such a situation?

To get rid from such situation I built a Smart Pantry which can order automatically to replenish every ingredients of my pantry with Amazon DRS. Busy life, easy solution!!!

Here, I will show you how I made such hi-tech pantry and I hope you will able to reproduce it as your requirement.

So, let’s get started. First I will explain how I prepared my pantry to sense the shortage of any ingredient. I used Force Sensitive Resistor (FSR) to detect the absence of ingredient in a specific box of the pantry. Arduino UNO is used to to read the sensor value.

Preparing the Pantry

I took a 3 compartment kitchen box for my demo project and it can house three different ingredients into it’s three separate box. For sensing the shortage of ingredients in a box I am measuring weight of each box with force sensitive resistor. Though FSR is not very accurate for weight measurement but enough for this project for identifying a blank box.

Photos attached above shows how I placed fsr in the box. I placed one fsr below each compartment and tried to put it at the center of the compartment. Using mini drill I made two holes for every sensor to bring out the pin of the sensor out of the box. Then I soldered jumper wire to each pin of the sensors to connect it with Arduino.

Three sensors are used for three separate parts of the box and sensors are placed in the center of each box.

Force sensitive resistor change its value when a force is applied to it. Pressure from a hard surface is not good for FSR and you will not get accurate result. For better output I place a small piece of foam on the bottom of every inner box using double sided tape. Place it in such position that it exactly be on the sensor.

Our pantry is ready!!!

Setup Amazon Dash Replenishment Service

DRS provides connected devices with direct access to Amazon’s powerful retail platform to order any item automatically. With easy-to-use APIs, device manufacturers can take advantage of Amazon’s authentication and payment service.

After integrating with Amazon services like Login with Amazon (LWA) and Simple Notification Service (SNS), a simple API call allows a manufacturer to place a product order on behalf of a customer.

Let’s get started with DRS.

Log in to Amazon Developer and AWS Account

If you don’t have Amazon Developer or AWS (Amazon Web Services) Account then sign up for it.

Creating LWA Security Profile

For creating Amazon Security Profile:

1. Log into Amazon Developer Portal

2. After Successful Login to Developer Portal go to “Login with Amazon” from Apps & Services tab.

3. Click on Create a New Security Profile.

  • Write your Profile Namen in Security Profile Name field
  • Write your Profile’s Description in Security Profile Description field
  • Privacy URL field is for writing Privacy Notice URL and click Save button.

Source: DRS Enabled Smart Pantry

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