Easy DIY Gobot Raspberry Pi robot

If you are looking for something to keep you busy this weekend, or to entertain your children, you may be interested in a new tutorial published to the Wired website this week providing full instructions on how to build your very own DIY Gobot Raspberry Pi robot using the awesome mini PC together with a few other components.

Easy DIY Gobot Raspberry Pi robot

To be able to build a robot you will need a Raspberry Pi mini PC together with a :

– MicroSD card: You’ll load this up with the bot’s software.
– Two 5-volt DC motors
– Two wheels with grippy rubber tires: These will snap onto the motor shafts.
– L293D motor controller
– Six AA batteries in a holder: To power the motors.
– Small breadboard: A device used to build a simple circuit, no soldering required.
– 5-volt USB mobile phone battery pack: To power the Pi.
– Jumper wires: To connect everything.
– Chassis: Anything flat and about 6 inches square: Legos, laser-cut plastic, cardboard. You can also add two “feet” to stabilize your droid.
– Sticky Tack adhesive

“You can expand your robot’s capabilities by adding sensors and writing new code. That’s the beauty of the Pi platform. For example, add an infrared sensor to the robot’s nose, then program it to follow a black line on the floor. Or add a camera and integrate computer-vision code to get the droid to chase a bright ball.”

Full instructions and wiring diagrams have been provided and all connections are made using a breadboard without the need to solder any components. If you enjoy building Pi projects you might be interested in our comprehensive list of Raspberry Pi displays, HATS and small screens.

Source: Easy DIY Gobot Raspberry Pi robot

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