EdgeX Foundry Launches Artik 710 module

EdgeX Foundry project has launched its first developer kit. The Ubuntu-based kit is designed around an octa-core Samsung Artik 710 Starter Kit paired with a GrovePi+ I/O board. Subsequent kits will have an Artik 530 kit, and ultimately, a Raspberry Pi/GrovePi+ mix. EdgeX Foundry project also announced at the recent IoT Solutions World Congress, where nine new members, including Intel, launched a Smart Building Automation Use Case Community Demo. The demo showcased the platform’s capability to bring together diverse solution components, including series of vendors, connectivity standards, operating systems, and hardware variants. The Artik 710 based EdgeX developer kit is initially available as a community-backed product.

EdgeX Foundry Launches Artik 710 module

Developers purchase the kit independently from Samsung and download the forthcoming EdgeX Delhi software from the EdgeX depository on GitHub. Unofficial community-based tech support is available via platform like the EdgeX Rocket Chat. This pioneer kit, and also future kits, will soon be available as part of a commercial track that gives professional support. The commercial kits are built primarily for EdgeX members but are now available to everyone.

According to the project, commercial selections will include “kits based on supported versions of the EdgeX framework itself (neutral to any plug-in value add), kits based on specific IoT platforms, and microservice plug-ins for value-add such as analytics, data orchestration and security. Samsung’s Artik 710 and Artik 530, which will be the groundwork of an upcoming EdgeX kit, changed their BSPs from Fedora to Ubuntu in October 2017.

The Artik 710 module has a 1.4GHz, octa-core, -A53 SoC with a Mali T400 GPU, and the Artik 530 has a 1.2GHz, quad-core, -A9 SoC. Both have hardware security properties. The 49 x 36mm modules incorporates 1GB DDR3 RAM, 4GB eMMC flash, and an Ethernet PHY. They also offer dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n (WiFi 4), Bluetooth 4.2, and Zigbee/Thread (802.15.4). The Artik 710 Developer Kit is a twin board set. The Interposer Board has the Artik 710 plus Gigabit Ethernet, micro-HDMI, and micro-USB OTG ports. LVDS interface and antenna connectors are available.

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