GSM based home devices control system

In this modern world, Analog Electronics devices are becoming less popular and digital electronics components are becoming more advanced and popular day by day. Home devices control system is also an example of modernized digital world. People are using cellular mobile phone network to communicate each other. GSM modules are basic elements of these phone networks. GSM stand for global system of mobile communication. It is also used in many electronics projects among engineering students and also very popular in industry.  GSM based projects are used to control devices through mobile from remote locations. For example you want to control any machine from remote locations using your mobile phone, Can you do it? The answer to this question is yes. We can easily turn on and turn off devices using GSM modules and mobile phones. By using above concepts, home devices control system is designed to control home devices from mobile phone.

GSM based home devices control system

How to use GSM module for home devices control system?

The basic concepts of this project is to turn on or turn off home devices like fans, lights etc through mobile phone. So SMS is used for this purpose. SMS communicates information between two devices.GSM module is kind of mobile phone. It have built in subscribers identity module i.e. SIM. GSM module is connected with microcontroller. GSM module interfacing with microcontroller is not difficult task. Control devices are also connected with microcontroller. I will explain it in later part of this article. Microcontroller receives information from GSM which is sent from mobile. According to information received by microcontroller, it turns on or turns off home devices. Basic block diagram of home devices control system is shown below.

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